Seeing Stars



Hey everyone! I hope you are all having a great Monday. I have a bit of a busy day today and felt overwhelmed upon waking up, but then I decided to not let it get to me. I threw on some 80s jams, made a big delicious breakfast, put on some lipstick and tagged along while my boyfriend did some errands (and convinced him to pull over to take a few photos haha). It snowed this morning and then got sunny so everything is bright and white and sparkling.

I recently got this faux fur star jacket and I am in LOVE with it. I also paired it with this cute star handbag from 88 Handbags (a vegan bag company- video review coming soon!). I’m not much of a fashion blogger but I always want to let you guys know when I find cruelty free and vegan brands that are kicking ass fashion-wise. Hope you enjoy! And let me know what you do to turn your day around when you wake up feeling less than optimistic.

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