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Happy Monday! For those of you who aren’t aware, Monday is my official blog post day. So while you may see blog posts pop up occasionally on other days of the week, you can always expect a new post from me on Mondays.

Today I am giving you a tour of my bedroom! I did a video tour on my second channel which I will link below so you can watch it. My room design is pretty minimalist- we don’t have many things we don’t need, which I like. I find bedrooms can get very cluttered, and for me, waking up to a mess usually starts my day on the wrong note. I thought I would list some essentials that I make sure my bedroom contains, rather than just explain everything in my room (like I do in the video). I hope you enjoy it!

My Bedroom Essentials:

1. Comfortable bed. This one is a no-brainer, I mean everyone wants a comfortable sleep. But finding the right mattress isn’t always easy. When I moved into this apartment, the lovely people at Helix Sleep sent me a mattress to review. The basic idea of Helix Sleep is that you take a sleep quiz online, and then based on your answers to the quiz, they custom make you a mattress. Then, the mattress is shipped to you in a box (see the video for more details on that). This is by far the most comfortable mattress I have ever had, and everyone who comes over and tries it out has a hard time getting back up haha!

2. Soft bedding. I believe bamboo sheets are the most comfortable sheets you can buy. They are so soft, and super breathable (perfect if you get warm when you sleep).

3. Journal and favourite book. I love keeping my journal next to my bed, in case I wake up with an idea, or feel like recapping the day before going to sleep. I also love keeping one of my favourite books on my night stand. Right now it is The Magic by Rhonda Byrne.

4. Plants. Putting a few succulents in your room is sure to liven up the space. I have an aloe vera on our nightstands and they make me so happy. I love how they look, but they also bring life to the otherwise monochromatic colour scheme.

5. Art. I never used to have paintings in my room when I was younger, but my boyfriend bought us this gorgeous painting from Homesense that hangs above our bed and it makes our room look so much more interesting and finished. I know basically nothing about paintings, so the way I like to pick them is to go into a store and choose whichever one jumps out at me. You don’t have to be an art historian to appreciate paintings :).

I hope you enjoyed this little list! Let me know in a comment what your bedroom essentials are.

Here is the room tour video. Stay tuned for the end to see footage of Pawel and I unboxing our mattress.


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