How to Have the Best Sunday

It’s a sunny Sunday afternoon and I decided to write this post because I realized I do certain things on Sundays that make me super happy, relaxed and set me up for a great week ahead.

These are small things that you can easily do throughout the day to make you feel pampered, relaxed and overall in a great mood.


1. Music. Play some chill, happy, relaxing music. Find a spotify playlist you like and play it when you wake up.
2. Stretch! Doing some light stretches when you get out of bed is a good way to wake up your body and get your blood flowing.
3. Make a healthy breakfast. Try making a green juice or smoothie, or maybe oatmeal banana pancakes! Taking time to make yourself a healthy breakfast is such a luxury, which is why it is perfect for Sunday mornings.
4. Do your laundry. Wash your sheets!! I am so bad at remembering to wash my sheets. If you make a habit to do it Sunday mornings you will always have fresh sheets when you go to sleep on Sunday night. And if that isn’t the best way to start a week, I don’t know what is!


1. Face mask. I recently (on a whim- thanks Sephora…) bought myself the Tarte Frxxxtion stick. I LOVE it and I love using it to freshen up and soften my skin. It is in stick form which is nice because you can avoid the usual messiness of a regular face mask. It has a super light exfoliation thanks to the charcoal, but it’s really gentle even on sensitive skin (and I would know, my skin reacts to EVERYTHING). I put this on and leave it for a few minutes and then wash it off in the shower.

2. Soothing shower. Spend a bit of extra time shaving your legs (if you are into that), using your favourite shower products and exfoliating your body. You will feel so damn fresh when you step out- you’ll feel like a new person!
3. Moisturize. Your face. Your body. Your life. Keeping your skin hydrated is key. I love using a sunless-tanning moisturizer on my body in the summer to keep myself looking bronzed and glowy. I recommend Eco Tan for a vegan/cruelty-free version that works really well.
4. Write and listen to music outdoors. Take your favourite blanket, some headphones and a journal outside and just enjoy the afternoon. Put on some nice music and write down your thoughts, hopes and intentions for the upcoming week.


1. Meal prep! Make extras of your dinner, or cook a batch of grains/ chop veggies for the week ahead. Having healthy food readily available during the busy days is a LIFE SAVER. Trust me. Your feel better and save money because you won’t have to get takeout so much. (No hate to takeout, I am obsessed with Pad Thai as well).
2. Take a bath. If you didn’t have a shower earlier in the day (or even if you did), have a bath. I recommend adding some bath salts, a bath bomb, or even a couple drops of essential oils for deeper relaxation. If you have a book that you have been meaning to read, catch up on it in the bath. Alternatively (and less risky) you can listen to your favourite book in audiobook format. I love using Audible for this and I’m currently listening to Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert (for the second time lol).

3. Get to bed at a reasonable hour. Put your clean sheets on your bed and enjoy that feeling of freshly shaven legs in soft, fresh sheets. The best! Enjoying these simple pleasures is sure to make your Sunday night great.

I hope this post inspired you to take a few extra self-care steps on your Sundays! I would love for you to share your self-care tips or Sunday rituals below in the comments :).


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  1. November 20, 2017 / 7:52 pm

    Love this! Sunday is my absolute favorite day!

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