Make Today a Sunday


For me, and many others, Sunday is typically a day to get your shit together. Meaning cleaning, laundry, planning, face mask, movies, relaxing etc.

While Sunday is a perfect day to play catch-up and do all these things, at the beginning of this week I got a cold and it was a really good reminder to take a cue from the most chill day of the week- Sunday.

Instead of forcing myself to push through the sneezing and fatigue to go to the gym or complete my whole to-do list, I decided to take the day to reboot. I think my cold has partly to do with how stressed I have been feeling mentally these past couple weeks. Thus: I made my Wednesday a Sunday.

Today I set aside some time to do laundry, clean up the office, rewrite my calendar and schedule things properly, and do a face mask& full body scrub. This doesn’t mean I didn’t work today, and in fact I actually got some work things done that I had been hoping to do, but they got done with ease.

Taking time in the middle of my week to reboot, have some me time, relax and reflect is just what I needed. And I have a feeling you need it too. Next time you are in the middle of one of those weeks where everything seems chaotic and your body is responding by physically trying to slow you down, set aside a bit of time to reset and give yourself a break. Whether this is cleaning up the pile of dishes on your counter, taking a bath, organizing your closet, washing your sheets, putting on pore strips and catching up on your favourite series, do something today that reminds you of Sunday. The feelings of accomplishment and relaxation are sure to follow you throughout the rest of the week and make everything a little bit easier.

Try it, and let me know how it goes in a comment below!

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