Cake Batter Trifle


As you can see in the video, we tried to make cake batter donuts. Due to me forgetting to grease the pan, we ended up with a crumbly, stuck on mess. My friend Liv decided we should make the best of it and crumble the donuts and combine them with frosting to make a trifle.

We used boxed cake mix (about 1 cup) and added enough almond milk to get it to a typical batter consistency. Then we added a few tbsp of oil. We spooned it into a donut pan and baked at 350 F until the tops were slightly firm to the touch. This took about 25 minutes.

After realizing the donuts were not going to be removed from the pan intact, we crumbled them up and added them to a cup in layers, alternating with chocolate frosting.

If you would like to make this trifle, you don’t have to use a donut pan. You could just bake a cake OR use a muffin pan. If you would like to make donuts, grease your pan!!!

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