Grocery Shopping Tips + My Typical Shopping List

I made this video almost a year ago but I still follow this advice myself! Watch the video for my tips on successful grocery shopping, and then look below for a sample typical weekly shopping list for myself and my boyfriend.

I have gotten a few questions about my weekly shopping list/grocery order so here is what we buy on a weekly (and monthly) basis. Don’t feel any pressure to make your list look like this- this is just what works for us.

bell peppers
zucchini or cucumber
kale/spinach/mix greens
bok choy or broccoli
snow peas
raspberries or blueberries (if on sale)

pasta (usually a box or two of spaghetti or rotini)
quinoa or rice (if needed that week, the packages we buy can last for 3-4 weeks)
rice noodles
packages of oatmeal
granola or cereal

Sauces/Condiments (don’t buy every week, but stock up when needed):
Thai yellow curry sauce
soy sauce
vegan Mayo
plum sauce

spring rolls
frozen berries/fruit for smoothies
vegan mock-meat like vegan chicken strips

black beans
tomato sauce
pumpkin puree

almond milk
coconut yogurt
nacho chips & salsa (occasionally)

I hope this was helpful! As you can see we eat a pretty “normal” diet that includes both whole and processed foods. This is what works for us.


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