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Hello, 2018

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2017 was a big year. Whether it was big for you in a good or bad way, I really feel like everyone was happy to close that chapter and say hello to 2018. Usually, I feel like the new year sneaks up on me, and I don’t have time to prepare or get closure on the previous year. But this year, at 9am on December 31st, I met my friend Hannah at our usual coffee shop spot to talk about the year and make some resolutions for 2018. It was awesome and really made me feel prepared for the new year. Even though I am writing this from my couch after getting only a few hours of sleep and feeling a bit dehydrated from one too many glasses of sparkling wine last night, I feel happy and really excited for this year.

I was just laying here editing photos from our party last night and I thought I would share them with you guys, along with my resolutions for this year.

2018 Resolutions:

  1. Read 6 books. I have a pile of books on my nightstand that I haven’t read yet. This year I will be trying to get through 1 every two months which means making time for reading a few days a week!
  2. Roll with things. If 2017 taught me anything it was that things do not usually go according to plan. It’s great to make plans and stay organized but the magic is in being able to adapt and change when life throws things at you that you weren’t expecting.
  3. Figure out a solid skincare routine. I have pretty reactive, sensitive and dry skin so keeping on top of a good skincare routine is key to literally being comfortable in my own skin. In the past week or so thanks to some Christmas gift cards I have picked up a few products to add to my skincare routine and so far they are working out great! If you guys want an update I can share that later on for sure.
  4. Slow down and focus on one thing at a time. I am extremely bad for taking on way more than I can handle. When I get inspiration for a new project or idea, I want to start it immediately- even if my plate is already completely full. In the past couple months I have been making somewhat of an effort to direct my focus to one thing at a time and it has made a difference for sure. This year I will be doubling my effort to really slow down and give my full attention to things I fully believe in and feel passionate about. No more taking on every single project that comes my way!
  5. Gratitude. Developing a gratitude practice (mostly through gratitude journaling and shifting my thoughts to have a more positive outlook) everything has changed. I want to continue to practice having a grateful attitude and making sure to not take things for granted. You never know what is going to happen next so try to be present and be grateful for what you have at any given time. Even if you want more and are striving to improve your life, always be grateful for what you have currently. I fully believe gratitude is key to living a happy life.

I would love to know some of your resolutions in the comments below! And, here are some photos of myself and my very best friends at our NYE party. I love you guys, thank you for making this year and every year a good one. xx

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