Visiting the New Vegan/Vegetarian Restaurant

Halifax is a small city. We only have 2 strictly vegan restaurants, one vegetarian/vegan restaurant and a handful of vegan-friendly places with vegan-friendly items listed on the menu. Heartwood, the vegetarian/vegan restaurant, just opened its second permanent location and Pawel and I went to check it out! This post is not sponsored by the way, but their decor was so cute and the food was so tasty I had to share some pics! I got the “breakfast poutine” which was roasted potatoes, gravy, greens and veggies with Daiya cheese. Pawel got the breakfast burrito. Both were amazing!

Did some bullet journaling while I was there because there was a baby shower of about 20 ladies that ordered before us so our food took a little longer to come ;).

All in all it was super tasty and I am so happy to have another Heartwood location available!


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