Using the Canon IVY to Create Beautiful Journal Spreads

This post is sponsored by Canon Canada.

I love using the Canon IVY mini printer to print summer memories and create journal spreads that I will have forever. The photos are super easy to stick in a journal or scrapbook because they are on adhesive paper- just peel the back off and stick (see photos below)!

I like to group my photos by months: a few for each month with some doodles and captions to remember each memory with. I also love creating spreads with photos of my favourite recipes so I can remember what I was making and eating throughout each month. This helps with meal prep or for days when I don’t know what to cook for dinner.

This mini printer is so easy to use. It connects to your phone via Bluetooth through the app. Then you just queue up the photo you want to print and click print when you are ready! I love that I can bring it anywhere with me in my bag- to coffee shops, friends houses, or even on vacation! It’s actually smaller than my phone, so I really just bring it anywhere I would bring my phone. 

You can check out the Canon IVY here and start creating your own beautiful journal spreads!





































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