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Vegan Grocery Shopping Tips for Beginners


In this week’s video I shared my vegan grocery shopping tips for beginners and people on a budget.

I have had tons of requests for a video all about how I plan & shop for groceries! Being a food blogger and food lover, I have learned a thing or two about grocery shopping. Specifically, shopping for vegan groceries and sticking to a budget (I even wrote a cookbook called Liv B’s Vegan on a Budget!). So, without further ado, here are my grocery list and shopping tips to save you time and money when shopping for all your vegan foodie needs!

Download my Grocery List Here!

Vegan Grocery Shopping Tips

Make 2 Lists: Have a “meal ideas for the week” list with 4-5 things you know you want to make that week, and a grocery list with all the items and ingredients you want to buy.

Look For Sales: If you get flyers or can look online, plan out what is on sale (good to do this when making your grocery and meals lists). If you put items on there that aren’t on sale that week and can’t be used in your meals for that week, take it off the list. Check the 50% off cart for “baking bananas” or cheaper produce that is at peak ripeness or slightly overripe (these items will be closer to expiry and need to be used soon but are much cheaper!).

Save Time and Group Your Grocery Items: Group things together on the list by where they appear in the store (i.e. produce together, bulk together, frozen together). That way you aren’t taking extra time going back and forth through the store.

Shop When It’s Fresh and Not Crowded: Try to go at a non-peak time. Early Saturday or Sunday mornings are less busy and usually stocked better than the end of the day.

Be Aware of Expiry Dates: Check dates on things in packages (such as spinach or lettuces) to make sure you have lots of time before it expires. Check the fruit to make sure it’s not going to go bad too soon (look for brown spots or indicators that it is overripe).

Explore the bulk section: Try to find what you need there – you would be surprised at all the ingredients offered in bulk nowadays! You can buy in smaller quantities to stick to your budget and it’s usually cheaper than buying pre-packaged. 

Go Easy in the Natural and Health Food Section: Buy vegan specialty items like cheeses and meats sparingly. Opt for a few products a week such as 1 type of vegan cheese, a package of vegan chick’n etc.) as they are more expensive and more processed. However, these are great convenience items so always good to have some on hand. 

Get to Know the Frozen Section: Frozen veggies are your ticket to quick dinners! Pastas and stir fries come together in no time if you are using frozen veggies. Frozen fruit is perfect for the winter because it’s cost effective and usually tastes better than the out of season fruits that have been shipped across the world. Perfect for smoothies and oatmeal.

Explore the Internal Aisles: You’ll find items like sauces, canned beans & lentils, cereal or oats, baking supplies, and maple syrup. But read labels! You’ll find a lot of things are “accidentally vegan” that just aren’t marked as vegan, like cereals, sauces, crackers, etc. 

And remember: have fun! No matter what your budget is you can get inspired by the amazing foods available and all the opportunities you have to cook delicious meals that nourish you AND satisfy your cravings.

♡ PS: for more budget-friendly tips and delicious recipes, check out my cookbook: Liv B’s Vegan on a Budget!

In this video I share my grocery shopping tips and take you around my local grocery store to give you an idea of how I shop.

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