Crispbread Topping Ideas


Lighten up your lunch with these topping ideas!

Today I am showing you some fun ways to lighten up your lunch! I am partnering with Ryvita again, as part of their #fibrefit squad, to show you some more delicious crispbread topping ideas! If you missed my last post with 3 recipes, click here to check it out! I’m someone who likes to feel fully satisfied from my meals, so even though these “lightened up” it doesn’t mean you’ll go hungry! Ryvita is a great way to add some fibre to your diet, and pairing it with some healthy toppings, you’re sure to feel great! I used the sesame rye crispbread for these recipes. It’s my current favourite, but you can check out their whole range here.

Topping Idea 1: sliced strawberries, dairy-free cream cheese and a sprinkle of chocolate chips. Feel free to add a drizzle of maple syrup for some added sweetness!

Topping Idea 2: thick spread of hummus, chopped cherry tomatoes, nutritional yeast
and dried parsley. The hummus adds protein while the tomatoes keep it tasting fresh.

Topping 3: mashed avocado, watermelon “tuna”, chopped green onion, sesame seeds
and a sprinkle of chili flakes. This is the perfect topping combo to satisfy your salt
cravings in a healthy way!

I hope these topping combinations inspire you to lighten up your lunch with some
crispbread combos of your own!

Huge thanks to Ryvita for sponsoring this post!

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