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Dairy-Free Vanilla Milk Ice Cubes for Coffee


Dairy-Free Vanilla Milk Ice Cubes for coffee are my new favourite thing. After getting tired of watered down iced coffee, I decided to try making ice cubes out of the ingredients that were already in my coffee! I made coffee ice cubes in one tray, and milk ice cubes in another.

I think the question you might be wondering first is… can you freeze dairy-free milk in ice cube trays? The answer is yes! And even better, you can add extracts and flavourings to it to make them taste even better. I prefer to do this when I make the dairy-free milk ice cubes for coffee, but if you want to use them in a smoothie you can leave them as just plain dairy-free milk ice cubes! Simply stir together your dairy-free milk and extract or sweetener, then pour evenly into an ice cube tray (I prefer silicone ones like this!) and freeze. Make sure to not over-fill the cubes, leave a little bit of room for expansions as they freeze. I love silicone trays for that reason though, they won’t break even if you fill them a little too full!

My watery coffee problem has been solved, AND… how photogenic are these creamy ice cubes?! So cute. I feel like they make the coffee drinking experience so aesthetic (you’ll feel like a walking Pinterest board). I actually have a coffee Pinterest board that is reserved for ONLY sexy coffee photos. Photos that make you want another cup even though you’ve already had too many. Seriously, coffee is my favourite part of the day and now I get even more excited to make coffee when I have fun ice cubes to use!

So, today I am sharing the recipe for Vanilla Milk Ice Cubes. I can do another recipe for coffee ice cubes in the future! I’m dreaming up some fun fall flavour combos for those uncharacteristically warm fall days when a hot #PSL just won’t cut it!

A Boost of Flavour!

I added vanilla extract to these to really amp up your coffee experience. Add some smooth delicious cold brew and you’ve got yourself a winner! However, you can use any extract or syrup! There are literally hundreds of flavoured syrups on the market (a lot of them are sugar-free, which is cool too!) as well as extracts. For extracts I think hazelnut, almond, and peppermint would all be amazing. And for flavoured syrups, I have the Torani salted caramel and brown sugar cinnamon and they are both so yummy!

Top it off with some cold foam or just a splash of good ol oat milk and you will never have to worry about sub-par, 2 hour melted watery coffee again. Just writing that hurt my soul. So try these out and let me know what you think. And if you played around with flavour combos, share the insights to your creations with the rest of us below! I just love reading your comments :)!

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Dairy-Free Vanilla Milk Ice Cubes for Coffee

  • Author: Liv B
  • Yield: 1 tray of ice cubes 1x


Creamy ice cubes made of dairy-free milk and vanilla, to avoid diluting your coffee!



  • 12 cups dairy-free milk like oat, coconut, almond, soy etc
  • 12 tsp vanilla extract


  1. Stir together the dairy-free milk and extract until combined. Pour into ice cube tray, leaving a small amount of room for expansion as it freezes. Depending on how big your ice cube tray is, you will need to use more or less milk. The above is just a guide!
  2. Freeze overnight, until solid. Use as desired!

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