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Our Vegan Wedding Cake & Cupcakes


Happy Sunday! Today I am sharing all the details of our vegan wedding cake!!! As you can see from photos, we opted for a normal size two-layer cake and then the rest of the “tiers” were cupcakes. We did this because 1. its adorable and 2. we had a stand-up reception instead of a sit down dinner so we needed something that was easy to grab and eat while walking around, dancing or sitting in a chair with no table. Honestly, it worked out soooo perfectly and more people opted for a slice of the cake than I expected. No one seemed to mind walking around with a plate of cake!

I have to give my mom a HUGE shoutout for making the cake and cupcakes. She spent so much time on it and you can tell – it turned out absolutely beautiful!
Thanks mom, you really made our wedding the most special!!!

The Cake

The cake itself was the carrot cake from my first cookbook (page 187). We have made this recipe countless times (for every birthday and holiday pretty much) and it is still THE family favourite. I can’t get over how amazing it turns out and I promise no one would ever know the cake has no butter, milk or eggs and the cream cheese frosting has no cream cheese! Well, it has dairy-free cream cheese, but it is so similar to traditional cream cheese frosting it’s hard to believe it’s not the real thing.

For the carrot cake recipe, you’ll have to pick up a copy of my book 😉 – can’t give away all the secrets for free! That recipe alone is worth buying the book, but all the other recipes are so yummy and easy, I know you’ll love it!

The cake stand was purchased on Facebook marketplace. It was definitely hand made by someone and it cost about $30 I believe. It was unfinished and a light wood so we stained it Wirth Greg’s parents’ deck stain and it turned out gorgeous!! We’ll definitely be keeping it for holidays or events to come!

The little white flower decorations were these ones, and the other flowers were just real ones from Costco that we used to make our bouquets and flower arrangements.

The Cupcakes

The cupcakes were vanilla with chocolate frosting, and chocolate with vanilla frosting. The vanilla cupcakes were also from my first cookbook (page 214) and the chocolate were this recipe. My trusty cupcake recipes! I love them so much. So easy, and again no one can tell they’re vegan. To get about 50 cupcakes she made 5 batches, 3 of the vanilla and 2 of the chocolate.

My mom baked them in regular paper liners and then we plopped each one in these decorative My Mind’s Eye food cups I found at winners. We only used the white and gold speckle ones, but the gold “gather” ones would be perfect for thanksgiving of course!

The frosting actually wasn’t my recipe. My mom has been loving experimenting with aquafaba and she was dying to try this Swiss meringue buttercream recipe! She made a double batch of vanilla for the chocolate cupcakes, and then double batch of a chocolate version for the vanilla cupcakes. To make it chocolate, she added 3oz melted chocolate and 1/3 cup cocoa powder. It turned out soooo well and everyone loved them!


  1. Liv I am sooo happy for you and Greg! Congratulations on your special and beautiful day 😀
    Wishing you two lots of love, and adventures as a couple together forever!

  2. Gorgeous Cake, and You Two are Adorable! 🥂🍾 Congratulations and All the Best! 👍

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