A Vegan’s Guide to Halifax, Nova Scotia

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I have lived in Nova Scotia my whole life, but since going vegan 7 years ago I have seen such an immense BOOM in vegan options in the city. I frequently get messages on Instagram of people coming to Halifax and wondering what to do, where to find vegan food and get some good coffee! I thought given how many messages I have received over the past few months, it was time to start compiling an official list of my favourite places to eat and drink here in the city.

Although we don’t have a lot of vegan-only restaurants, we have quite a lot of gems that have great vegan options, which is perfect if you’re travelling with a group who doesn’t want to go to an all vegan place. I get it! I’ve been there! And that’s why I love finding spots that have something for everyone. Please let me know below in the comments if you have any questions or anything to add to this list! I’ll be constantly updating it as I find new options or if there are any major changes.

All Vegan/Plant-Based:

Real Fake Meats: oh where to begin! RFM is a highlight in our city that you can’t miss. I still can’t believe we have a vegan butcher shop here. I mean, how cool is that?! Not only do they have a huge assortment of vegan meats., cheeses, sauces and food to go, they also have a delicious menu that changes often so you’re never bored! Around the holidays they have a smashed potato poutine, a moistmaker sandwich (Ross from Friends would approve!) and a full holiday dinner! In the summer its super fun things like sandwiches, loaded street-style fries and ice cream! I can’t say enough good things about the food or the staff. Everyone is helpful, kind, super friendly and just so lovely.

Liv’s fav: okay I have to say the Mac and cheese is one of my favourites, but their chicken burger is a very close second. For the fridge products I always pick up a package of Montreal style smoked bacon, the cranberry goatless cheese and mozzarella balls!

Sprout Therapy: a place we only discovered recently but it’s a must go if you love healthy food and especially smoothies. They have such fun smoothie flavours, nothing boring or typical, which makes it so much more enjoyable to try something new!

Liv’s fav: there is a smoothie called The Olivia that I think has to be my favourite based on name alone (and the fact that it tastes like liquid caramel) but the one with banana, raspberry and cacao nibs is also my favourite! I don’t think I can choose :).

Envie a Vegan Kitchen: going to Envie is pretty much a right of passage as a Halifax vegan. It is one of the first spots that opened and has been there for us through thick and thin serving their unique and delicious food! Their hours have changed a lot recently due to the pandemic so always be sure to check the hours before you go as it is slightly outside the city.

Liv’s fav: the king oyster mushroom “wings” are my favourite and have been for years. SO GOOD. Their brunch is always amazing, and their kale caesar is the yummiest salad out there!

Springhouse: another great place to go if you love healthy, fresh, wholesome options. We have gotten their breakfast bowls previously and loved them! They also have a little retail section where you can buy grocery items.

Wild Leek: another OG in the halifax scene! Wild Leek has an amaaaaazing menu and I truly can’t recommend them enough! Their brunch is a must, but if you go for lunch and dinner you have to get the wild bowl with dragon sauce. Their dragon sauce is truly iconic and I have bought a tub of it many times to bring home because the addiction is real!

Heartwood (vegetarian): Heartwood also has been around for ages and has multiple locations! There is one in the Hydrostone which is a trendy cute little area in the north end, and there is a waterfront location in the summer months so you can get healthy takeout on the go.

Vegan Options:

G-Street Pizza: they have a whole vegan section of their menu and there is nothing I have tried that I wouldn’t recommend – everything truly is always amazingly delicious!! One of our favourite spots in the whole city.

Liv’s fav: I always get the vegan buffalo chicken poutine and Detroit-style “meat haters” pizza.

Economy Shoe Shop: I was blown away at the creativity of the vegan options here! Vegan meatball sub, vegan fish and chips, buffalo Brussels sprouts! So many fun things to try.

Liv’s fav: I have only tried the meatball sub so far but I loved it!

Salvatore’s: a very authentic-feeling pizza place famous in Halifax for their amazing food! They have a few vegan options for toppings like a homemade vegan cheese and portobello “sausage” so I love to get a pizza with those plus some spinach or basil and it’s always delicious!

Moxies: although its a chain restaurant, their food is always delicious and I love that they have a plant-based section on their menu with so many options!

Bicycle Thief: one of Halifax’s most popular Italian restaurants. Greg and I went recently for our birthdays and although they don’t have vegan options listed on the menu, you can just inform them that you are vegan and the chef will be sure to make something incredible! We had vegan tartare, spicy arrabbiata, spaghetti aglio e olio and soooo many yummy cocktails! They also have vegan sorbet for dessert.

Liv’s Fav: my favourite cocktail is called The Daydream but the peach Bellini is a close second! I loved both pasta dishes and their fresh bread is amazing!

The Keg: another chain but they now have a few plant-based options on their menu! It recently changed so I haven’t tried the new options BUT their gnocchi side dish is incredible and I highly recommend it to go with whatever you end up ordering. Their drinks are great too!

Liv’s fav: I always get the beyond burger and fries because its just so yummy. Greg always goes for the tacos and both are A+!

Dilly Dally: its a coffee shop but it deserves a mention in the food category because of their amazing vegan BLT! I am obsessed, its SO GOOD. Their coffee is good too and its just the cutest little spot!


Lot Six: absolutely amazing drinks. I went here for my bachelorette and not only is it GORGEOUS inside, their cocktails are made by true, talented, incredible bartenders! I recommend the white sangria (get a pitcher to share, they’re huge!) but they also have vegan scallops on the menu I have yet to try. I must do so asap!


Vandal Doughnuts: always have a selection of vegan doughnuts and I prefer their doughnuts to fortune! I love their Oreo twists and “halifax fog” doughnuts. Check their menu as the vegan options change daily!

Fortune Doughnuts: sooo many fun and unique flavours! There are always some wacky ones to try that are piled high with toppings, just make sure to go early in the day because they always sell out!

Sweet Hereafter: A cheesecake shop with lots of yummy vegan options! You can take your chances and just get whatever they have available that day, or you can put in a special request for a flavour a few days before so they make sure to have the flavour you want! The owners are great and they have soooo many yummy cheesecakes, vegan and not vegan so there is something for everyone.

Booza Emessa: Outside the city in Bedford, this is traditional Syrian ice cream! They have dairy-free options, and lots of them! Syrian ice cream is thicker than you might be used to, but it is very creamy and super flavourful! I got the dark chocolate and it was so decadent and the perfect treat on a cool day.

The Bread Lounge: this bakery has delicious baked goods and even vegan croissants and danishes!!! They also have vegan soft serve in the summer as well as some sandwich options. It is in the retail portion of one of my first apartment buildings so it holds a special place in my heart!


Cortado Tasting Room: quite outside of the city but if you’re in Bedford you must go! The owner is a world class coffee competition judge and has travelled, studying coffee extensively. They serve coffee exactly how it should be done and always have new yummy drinks and treats to try. I highly recommend picking up a bag of Sine coffee while you’re there, its roasted right in Halifax!

Creamy Rainbow:  the cutest little shop downtown serving super unique and exciting drinks. They have so many things I had never even heard of but everything I’ve tried has been excellent.


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  1. Good read for Halifax, thanks for the info. I am thinking of relocating to the Halifax area but not really interested living in Halifax. What is it like for vegans traveling or living in the rest of Nova Scotia? I am not into the RFM much. Will do the fake stuff once in a while but don’t like to do it much. I also don’t like to eat vegan food that has been prepared in a kitchen where meat has been prepared without at least cleaning the surfaces first. Many restaurants will cook vegan food in the same pans as meat without cleaning the grease/fat from the pan. Or deep fry vegan type food in the same oil as the meat products.

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