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9 Cozy Fall Recipes You Need To Try


Today I am sharing a round up of some super cozy, delicious fall recipes created by my fellow vegan blogger friends! If you love fall and winter coziness then you will definitely want to take a scroll through these recipes before your next grocery shop!

I’ve made sure these recipes use easy to find ingredients (like at big grocery stores or walmart etc) as well as recipes that aren’t too time-intensive. Here you’ll find all the fall flavours you’re craving like pumpkin, apple and cinnamon.

1. Vegan Pumpkin Pasta by Healthy Simple Yum

Fall season is for cozying up with a comforting bowl of saucy pumpkin pasta. This vegan pumpkin pasta sauce is the most flavorful, creamy, slightly cheesy, gift that you can make in under 30 minutes. The pumpkin flavor is subtle and perfect. The garlic cooked in olive oil, adds the perfect touch!

2. Cinnamon Sugar Chai Muffins by Six Vegan Sisters

These muffins are reminiscent of cinnamon sugar donuts, but with a chai twist. They’re made up of deliciously fluffy chai muffins coated in melted vegan butter and then a cinnamon sugar mixture. They are beyond delicious.

3. Vegan Pumpkin Ricotta Stuffed Shells by Rainbow Plant Life

This recipe is the ULTIMATE comfort food: it is cheesy, creamy, chewy, and garlicky, and is a must make during the fall/winter/holiday season!

4. Pumpkin Mug Cake by Jessica in the Kitchen

This Pumpkin Mug Cake  is incredibly delicious and total cozy vibes! It’s vegan and made with very easy pantry ingredients in under 5 minutes start to finish. It has an incredible pumpkin spice flavour that’s so addictive!

5. Creamy Tomato Soup by World of Vegan

There’s just something so special about vibrant red tomato soup shimmering in a bowl. It’s almost impossible to resist breaking its smooth and creamy surface with a spoon and slurping it up. This vegan cream of tomato soup recipe will bring back all the cozy, warm memories of childhood and also elevate them to the next level of lusciousness.

6. Apple Cinnamon Bread by Plantbased On A Budget

A slice of this delectable and fragrant Apple Cinnamon Bread is crammed with crisp apple bits, warm cinnamon, chewy raisins, crunchy walnuts, and melty chocolate chips! You can never ever go wrong with apples and cinnamon combo! Together, they provide the ideal balance of sweetness, tartness, and warmth all packed on one delicious loaf of bread.

7. Puff Pastry Apple Turnovers by Vegan Yack Attack

This treat is MUCH easier to make than it seems! So, whip up your apple filling, get your puff pastry out, and make these turnovers for your next coffee date.

8. Vegan Stuffing by Raepublic

Classic stuffing made vegan. This easy holiday recipe is made with the most delicious plant-based ingredients and comes out nice and crispy every time. The best part, it had absolutely no relationship with a bird’s ass. You’re welcome.

9. Vegan Gluten-Free Apple Pie by Veggies Don’t Bite

This vegan apple pie is not only gluten-free but made with whole food ingredients. You’d never know because the flavor is incredible! If there’s one thing every kitchen needs, it’s a recipe for a good ‘ole fashioned apple pie! I wanted to make a healthier, gluten-free, and vegan version of the classic dessert that my whole family would enjoy. Mission accomplished; the only challenge is not eating the entire finished product in one sitting!




  1. I want to make every single one of these! They all look amazing!

  2. These all look so good Liv! Thanks so much for including me. 😊

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