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Easy 1 Bite Everything Bagels (15 Minutes, Vegan)

How do attempt to top iconic bagel recipes like the New Jersey Bagel, the nostalgic bagel bites, or even the likes of my wife’s famous Baked Bagel Bread Recipe!? The short answer is – we can’t! Or rather, we shouldn’t. Each of those iconic breads in the realm of Bagel […]

Vegan Everything Bagel Herb and Garlic Pizza Bombs

Vegan Everything Bagel Herb & Garlic Pizza Bombs. Easy to make  at home in less than 20 minutes! Store bought biscuit dough, levelled up with the perfect mixture of pizza sauce, minced cloves of garlic, fresh basil, and vegan cheese! In this recipe I use a special ingredient featured in […]

Homemade Plain & Everything Bagels (vegan)

Today I’m teaching you how to make my new obsession: homemade bagels! Bagels are actually quite easy to make, with only a few basic ingredients and (optional) kitchen tools like a stand mixer, but you can do it by hand too pretty easily! I was always so intimidated by making […]

Everything Bagel Bread

This recipe for Vegan Everything Bagel Bread is a veganized and halved recipe that I found on tik tok (from Steph Pappas!) and it is sooooo great! Making bagels from scratch seems a bit time consuming (shaping each one, etc) but making bagel bread seemed right up my alley and easy […]

Tomato Basil Pizza with “Everything Bagel” Crust

This Tomato Basil Pizza with “Everything Bagel” Crust is the perfect at-home pizza that will satisfy all your cravings! I used the pizza dough recipe from my new book Liv B’s Easy Everyday, but you can use store-bought too if you want. Its brushed with some olive oil, sprinkled with […]

4-Ingredient Mini Everything Bagels (vegan + gf)

I truly can’t believe how adorable these mini bagels are. I saw @danahassonn on Instagram making this super easy recipe and I just had to try to veganize it and see if it worked! Her recipe uses greek yogurt and eggs, so I wasn’t sure how it would turn out. […]