Peppermint White Russian

This Peppermint White Russian is filled with minty flavour, a hint of coffee flavour from the Kahlua, a kick from the vodka, and absolutely creamy […]

Eggnog French Toast with Maple Caramel

This Eggnog French Toast is the perfect Christmas morning breakfast! Thick cut slices of bread soaked in an eggnog mixture, then pan fried until golden brown and crispy around the edges. It’s an amazing way to use up stale bread or eggnog and is great served with our homemade maple caramel sauce. *heart eyes*

The Newfoundland Christmas Slush

Nothing says it’s officially the Christmas season like making a batch of famous Newfoundland Christmas Slush! A frosty blend of pineapple juice, citrus juices, vodka, and topped with a sweet, fizzy soda. It’s as wonderful and refreshing as it sounds! 

Fluffy Vegan Dinner Rolls with Maple Butter 

These Fluffy Vegan Dinner Rolls taste exactly like the incredible, fluffy, sweet pan rolls I grew up with, but are entirely vegan! People with dairy and egg allergies will LOVE you for bringing these fluffy rolls to any holiday meal. Just make sure you do not skip the maple butter!

Caramel Apple Crumble Cake

The most perfect November cake! A luscious layer of moist vanilla cake, a layer of sliced apples, and a cinnamon crumble, all drizzled with a […]