Make Today a Sunday

For me, and many others, Sunday is typically a day to get your shit together. Meaning cleaning, laundry, planning, face mask, movies, relaxing etc. While Sunday […]

Eating Something Not Vegan

I get messages quite often from people who ate something and then afterwards realized it wasn’t vegan. Usually the people who write me these messages […]

How To Deal With Digestive Issues

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor. This is entirely based on my own experience and research. Use discretion when following these guidelines and consult your […]

What Does It Mean to be Healthy?

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor and do not give recommendations or health advice intended to diagnose, treat or cure. This post is entirely based on […]

February Mood Board

With the recent start of a new month I decided to go through my screenshots again and make a little mood board! Here is what […]

Cruising! (My First Cruise)

I used this vacation as a little break from blogging/youtubing/instagramming/photographing for the most part. However, I did snap a few shots here and there so […]