Saucy! ebook by Liv B

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One of the most popular requests I get is to share more sauce recipes, so I thought I would make an ebook with my favourite sauces for everyday use. In this book you’ll find sauces such as:

  • hot fudge sauce
  • black pepper stir fry sauce
  • balsamic bbq sauce
  • chipotle cashew dip
  • jalapeno ranch yogurt dip
  • chick’n dippin sauce

and so many more! Sweet & savoury sauces for dipping, drizzling, spreading and glazing.

  1. Emily F. says:

    I’m in the U.S. so it was even cheaper with the exchange rate. Such a steal! I already made the sweet and spicy ketchup to go with my beyond burger tonight and it was great. Going to make hot fudge next! Thanks Liv!

  2. Will E says:

    These sauces are killer. I’ve been looking for new sauce ideas for my wraps and I’m excited to try the chipotle spread! Livs recipes never disappoint.

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