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Life Chats with Liv B (currently on summer break)

In this podcast I offer a more intimate glimpse into my life, chatting about all things health, happiness, wellness, love, relationships, spirituality, self-development and much more. In each episode, I chat to you guys (sometimes with a guest as well!), and hopefully make you feel like you are right there in my living room, sipping tea and chatting with me.

You can find it on iTunes, Spotify or tune in below!

Music by: https://soundcloud.com/soundsofsion  



No Trash Talk

The No Trash Talk Podcast is all about zero-waste and sustainable living, with a pinch of facts and a lot of humour!

Each episode tackles a highly demanded zero-waste question or topic, from Secondhand Shopping Tips to Bulk Shopping Tricks. The Hosts, Katie Conklin and Olivia Biermann discuss their zero-waste failures and wins, as they try to reduce their waste week after week. Join along for the ride!

View the webpage for the newest episode here.