close up Vegan Teriyaki chicken topping a crispy rice waffle and sprinkled with seasoning

Vegan Teriyaki Chicken with Crispy Rice Waffle

Skip takeout tonight and make this quick and easy Vegan Teriyaki Chicken recipe! It’s made with ultra crispy vegan chicken nuggets and homemade teriyaki sauce tossed together until glazed to perfection. Serve over crispy rice waffles with sesame seeds and green onions for the ultimate weeknight dinner. 

front on look of a pile of mashes potatoes, gravy, corn and vegan fried chicken bites in a white oven baking dish with a fork overtop displaying each of the components

Vegan KFC Bowl (Copycat Recipe!)

KFC is known for its popular “Famous Bowl” that combines mashed potatoes, gravy, corn, and crispy chicken all in one bowl. However, for those who […]

Vegan Cajun Mac Chicken Sandwich

Vegan Cajun Mac ‘Chicken’ Sandwich: Are you craving a comforting sandwich that’s packed with flavor and easy to make? Look no further than this vegan […]