Rice & Veggie Skillet with Olive Oils from Spain

This rice & veggie skillet was inspired by the traditional Spanish dish paella. Traditional paella is typically made with chicken, rabbit and vegetables. However, this vegan version still packs a ton of flavor thanks to the fresh vegetables, lemon juice, and Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Spain. Visit oliveoilsfromspain.org for more!


2 tbsp Extra Virgin Picual Olive Oil from Spain

2 cloves garlic, minced

1/2 spanish onion, chopped

1 red bell pepper, sliced

1 cup mushrooms, sliced

1/2 cup frozen green peas

1 cup cherry tomatoes, halved

1 cup green beans, trimmed

1 tsp paprika

1/2 tsp turmeric

1 cup brown rice

2 cups vegetable stock

300 mL canned coconut milk

1/2 lemon, juiced

salt and pepper to taste

1 tbsp fresh parsley for garnish


  1. In a large skillet, heat Extra Virgin Picual Olive Oil from Spain and add onion and garlic. Cook 5 minutes until onion starts to become translucent.
  2. Add bell pepper, mushrooms, peas, green beans, and tomatoes and cook another 2 to 3 minutes.
  3. Add paprika, turmeric, rice, vegetable stock, coconut milk, salt and pepper. Stir and cover with a lid or sheet pan. Cook 35-40 minutes, stirring occasionally so the rice doesn’t stick. Once the rice is tender, add lemon juice and parsley and remove from heat. Serve.


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