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Coffee Date

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Hey you! Since I did not post a video this week I thought I would do a little update post catching you up on what has been going on in my life. I decided to call this type of post “coffee date” because it kind of feels like when you go out for coffee with a friend to catch up and get filled in on their life. Hope you think this is as fun as I do. And feel free to catch me up on your life in the comments!

Let’s start with some of my current favourites:


Espresso Smoothie: I made this for my “higher protein recipes” video and have been having it for breakfast almost every day. Its the best way to get caffeinated! I love that it is like drinking a hearty breakfast and a cup of coffee all at once.

Here’s how to make it:

1 shot of espresso
12 ice cubes
1 banana
2 tbsp oats
2 tbsp chocolate chips
1 tbsp powdered nut butter or protein powder

BLEND until smooth.


Hiking/Swimming: Okay this is two but they kind of go together since I have been doing it on the same day! Living on the east coast of Canada we have to make the best of every sunny day! Last weekend Greg, Willa and I went to an amazing park outside of the city and hiked through the forest, past waterfalls and in over treetop bridges! It was so much fun and then in the afternoon I decided to polar dip in the freezing cold lake a few minutes from our house. The cold water doesn’t phase me at all- I will swim in just about everything! Cold water actually makes me feel so alive and clears my mind. I love it so much.

Going on Dates: Greg and I have also been making an effort to go on more dates. Since getting Willa we have been staying home a lot more (obviously… we love her and never want to leave her) but getting out for a few hours and going to dinner or for a walk is so nice. Lately I have been obsessed with this flatbread from Envie (my fav vegan restaurant in Halifax).

To Wear

My merch! Guys I have been wearing my own merch non stop. Is that lame? Well if it is, I don’t care. It is so soft, so cute, and so eco-friendly! Can you believe this stuff is made from recycled plastic bottles?! If you want to check out all the styles, click here. My two current favs are the Trust the Universe tank and the Make Space for Magic sweater.

To Watch/ Listen to

The office: Always watching the office. It’s the only thing I care about on Netflix. It puts me in a good mood always. Do I need to go on?

Smith Brothers Hawaii: Found a new YouTube channel and it only has 4 videos so far but they are so well produced and have the BEST positive vibes. I always feel so happy and uplifted after watching (it also makes me want to visit Hawaii SO bad.) Check them out, the videos are pure magic.

My own podcast: Okay hear me out- I have been having guests recently in my podcast episodes (like my boyfriend Greg- see photo below… he’s so cute) and my friend Katie! I love listening to our conversations because in the moment I’m usually kind of nervous and forget a lot of what we said. Yes, I still get nervous recording with guests! Hopefully I get over that soon haha.

Free Spirit by Khalid: this album is everything. I can’t stop listening. He is so incredible.

My Coffee Order

Current coffee order: cold brew with almond milk and a shot of vanilla. So refreshing, so tasty. I went 24 years without drinking coffee (just started a few months ago) so I have a lot of coffee drinking to catch up on. I am properly obsessed at this point.

I also love the vanilla bean frap from Second Cup! Made with almond milk of course.

Hair Update

This isn’t news but I would excitedly tell a friend on a coffee date so I am telling you too… I got bangs. With about 5 people warning me against it, I did it anyway. AND I LOVE THEM. Follow your dreams kids and don’t let anyone tell you what to do with your hair ;). They make every hairstyle so cute! Especially ponytails.

Okay I think that’s good for today. Hope you feel caught up on all the little things in my life. Also, here are some photos of Willa because she’s so cute and now I am one of those annoying people who takes way too many photos of my dog and tries to show everyone.


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  1. This was so cute! Loved the little catch up. I’ve been following your youtube channel for quite some time now but never checked out your site ~ I’m really glad I did! It’s so cozy and I love the set up. I totally get what you were saying about wanting to visit Hawaii haha. I love Ellen Fisher’s channel and her’s definitely makes me want to experience that island life. I hope you’re doing well! x

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