House Tour 2019


I am so excited to be sharing my house tour video with you today! Back in July I had the amazing opportunity of having a real camera crew come film my house tour video (as well as take some super professional photos!!).

I’ve included some photos in this post but if you would like to see the full house tour video, its linked below!

My kitchen is where I spend a lot of my time. If I’m not testing recipes in here, I’m filming, cooking for myself and Greg or just hanging out at the counter working.

The bedroom is kind of a funny shape, but after arranging our furniture I LOVE how it turned out! We have our bed on one side, and then on the other side we have the closet, clothing rack and mirror, which makes it almost like a walk in closet (see the video below to know what I mean haha).

I also show you the office which has my desk/workspace where I do computer work, as well as my podcast corner!

The video is in partnership with NSAR which is the Nova Scotia Association of Realtors. I used a realtor to help me through the process of buying my first house and I am SO happy I did. Normally I am a total DIY type of person and prefer to do things myself. But with the biggest purchase of my entire life thus far, I decided I wanted the help of someone who’s job it is to help people buy homes. The parts I found most helpful about working with a realtor were:

  • learning what the entire process looks like from start (wanting to buy a house) to finish (signing the papers!) and everything in between.
  • having someone who knows all the areas in the city and where to look that would be in my budget.
  • having someone who could answer all my questions, no matter how dumb they might be.
  • being able to express my concerns or fears throughout the process and have reassurance that its totally normal to freak out (buying a house can seem scary at first!)
  • relying on them to think of all the little things that I wouldn’t know, like scheduling inspections, getting insurance in place, finding a lawyer and so much more.

There are lots of things that need to happen for a house deal to go through and working with a realtor made the process straightforward and easy to navigate. I never felt like I was guessing at what had to happen because they were with me every step of the way. To learn more about working with a relator, visit

If you want to see the rest of my house, watch the video below!


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