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food photography of the best vegan garlic bread using fresh baked garlic, Italian loaf and vegan parmesan

The Best Vegan Garlic Bread

This is your new weekday go-to that family, friends and yes – even your kids will love! This Homemade Vegan Garlic Bread is all the […]

food photography of easy garlic chili oil recipe in a sealed jar with chili peppers, star anise and fresh garlic.

Easy Garlic Chili Oil Recipe (Homemade Gift Idea)

If you love spicy food, you have to try this Garlic Chili Oil Recipe! With just a few simple ingredients and recipe steps, you’ll have a delicious homemade chili oil to drizzle on all of your favourite savoury foods for a spicy kick of flavour.

food photography overhead of thick cut vegan garlic bread with golden brown edges

Thick Cut Air Fryer Garlic Bread (vegan)

This Air Fryer Garlic Bread is a weeknight dinner game-changer! It’s the thickest, butteriest, and quickest garlic toast recipe I’ve come up with. Have this perfect side dish ready in 15 minutes or less!

Vegan Chocolates with Vanilla Cream

Vegan Vanilla Cream Chocolates are the perfect sweet treat and they’re so easy to make! These little homemade chocolates are smooth and creamy and wrapped […]