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47 Best Vegan Sandwiches


Vegan Sandwiches—does it get any better than a delicious loaded sandwich? Keep reading for vegan breakfast sandwiches, vegan chicken sandwiches, vegan burgers, vegan grilled cheese sandwiches, vegan wraps, and more!

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE vegan sandwiches. I’m always thinking about new vegan sandwich recipes (even though I’m also always thinking about desserts…). What else can I stuff in a sandwich?

There’s just something about two pieces of bread (or a bun, or other more unique sandwich vessels—see below) stuffed to the brim with vegan meats, cheeses, tofu, vegetables, whatever else you want. Sandwiches are a super hearty meal, they’re often quite portable, and they’re easy enough for someone of any kitchen skill level to make.

Boy, do we have vegan sandwiches here. We’ve got everything from vegan chicken sandwiches to wraps, grilled cheeses, burgers and more. So if you’re looking for new vegan sandwich recipes, you’ve come to the right place.

And if you can’t get enough sandwich recipes, or you’re looking to take your plant-based sandwich game to a whole new level, check out our Gourmet Vegan Sandwiches Ebook! Get your copy of this book and receive a veganized mix of personal favourites, bold flavours, and a mix of easy to make recipes using store-bought and homemade ingredients to hit all your cravings at once. 

Let’s get onto these vegan sandwich recipes! Everything will be organized into categories, so scan the headings if you’re searching for something in particular, or just enjoy browsing our extensive collection.

Vegan Breakfast Sandwiches

Breakfast food + sandwich = love! Vegan breakfast sandwiches are what you want if you don’t have a lot of time in the morning but you need delicious fuel for your day. They’re also great for an awesome brunch.

Vegan Breakfast Double Down Sandwich

This is a BIG sandwich! Try making this Vegan Breakfast Double Down Sandwich and be prepared to want it again and again for the rest of your life! It’s loaded with flavour, it’s super hearty, and it won’t leave you hungry.

Vegan Community Goods Breakfast Sliders

side view of two breakfast sliders stacked with hot sauce running down the side

It doesn’t get any better than these Vegan Community Goods Breakfast Sliders—except when you dunk them in homemade vegan chive aioli and hot sauce. You’re going to love these delicious vegan sliders that are great any time of the day and for any occasion. They’re also ready in under a half hour and super easy to make!

Vegan Hot Maple Butter Smashed Western Sandwich

This Vegan Hot Maple Butter Smashed Western Sandwich will hit all of your cravings by turning your favourite western omelet vegan, and replacing the bread with crispy, hot maple smashed potatoes!

Vegan Inside-Out Bagel Bread Breakfast Sandwich

Quick, easy and oh so delicious! This Vegan Inside-Out Bagel Bread Breakfast Sandwich is loaded with  vegan ham, red onion and dairy-free cheese! What’s even better, the plant-based egg is on the outside! This sandwich is made using our famous Everything Bagel Bread Recipe—you’re going to want to leave the pan heated because you’ll be going to go back for seconds!

Sheet Pan Open Face Tofu Breakfast Sandwiches

Take tofu scramble up a notch in flavour but down a notch in effort with these Sheet Pan Open Face Tofu Breakfast Sandwiches! Tofu scramble is super tasty and high in protein, making it a great egg substitute for plant-based folk like us! Put it in a sandwich and that makes it even better.

How To Make Copycat Hardee’s Biscuits (Vegan, Dairy-Free)

These Copycat Hardee’s Biscuits are made with all vegan ingredients and baked to perfection for an even better version of the iconic biscuits you already know and love! Flaky crumbs, chewy inside and a perfectly crisp exterior paired with your favourite vegan sausage patty. You will be adding this to your regular breakfast roster for a long time to come.

Vegan Chicken Sandwich Recipes

It doesn’t get much more classic than a vegan chicken sandwich, does it? We’ve got some really bold flavours and delicious combinations here, so prepare to be blown away.

Vegan McChicken Sandwich (Copycat Recipe!)

Are you tired of boring vegan sandwiches that lack protein and flavour? Look no further than this high protein vegan “McChicken Sandwich” made with seitan! It’s meaty, it’s flavourful, it’s delicious, and it’s easy to make.

Vegan Cajun Mac Chicken Sandwich

Are you craving a comforting sandwich that’s packed with flavour and easy to make? Look no further than this Vegan Cajun Nac ‘Chicken’ Sandwich. This recipe combines the creamy, cheesy goodness of vegan mac and cheese with the spicy kick of Cajun seasoning and the satisfying texture of a store-bought vegan chicken patty. Plus, it’s all made in just one pot and under 10 minutes!

Vegan Cheesy Chopped Chicken Sandwich

This Vegan Cheesy Chopped Chicken Sandwich is the perfect sandwich to make when you want a restaurant-style meal without the cost! This “chicken” is made of soy curls cooked in a super flavourful sticky sweet & spicy basil sauce, chopped and mixed with vegan cheese. It’s hearty, filling and so satisfying!

Vegan Loaded Chick’n Salad Crunch Sandwich

This Vegan Loaded Chick’n Salad Crunch Sandwich is so packed with flavour and the ideal crunchy textures that I have to put it at the top of my all-time favourite summer sandwich list! Not only that, it’s packed with plant-based protein, nutrients and totally customizable to your flavour preferences. Topped with a flavourful and aromatic mixture of soy curls and herbed mayo, zesty kale salad, AND potato chips, this sandwich will be your new summer go-to, though it’s really good any time of the year!

Vegan Hot Maple Ranch Nashville Chicken Sandwich

Feast your eyes on this Vegan Hot Maple Ranch Nashville Chicken Sandwich! Stacked high with a juicy cutlet of crispy fried seitan chicken, fresh lettuce and ranch mayo, topped with a hot maple glaze! This is the burger of the summer!

Vegan Chicken Big Mac (McDonald’s Copycat)

overhead food photograph of saucy vegan chicken Big Mac with on a plate featuring pickles, onion and lettuce.

This Vegan Chicken Big Mac combines “chicken” patties, Vegan Big Mac Sauce, and the iconic Big Mac toppings piled on your favourite toasted buns for the ultimate chicken sandwich. You won’t want to miss this McDonald’s inspired sandwich!

Vegan Burgers

When we’re talking about vegan burgers, the sky’s the limit with what you can stuff in there. Make your own patty or use something from the store and load it up with all your favourite toppings and sauces!

Double Smash Bruschetta Burger

The Double Smash Bruschetta Burger! Crispy fried buns, two smashed vegan burger patties, homemade bruschetta and vegan feta, stacked to perfection! This amazing vegan burger recipe is ready in under a half hour.

Vegan Jalapeño Popper Stuffed Burger

Vegan Jalapeño Popper Stuffed Burger

This Vegan Jalapeño Popper Stuffed Burger is made by stuffing vegan cheese between two burger patties, avocado, and homemade burger sauce. All topped of course on a homemade vegan bun doused in garlic butter for an extra punch of plant-based flavour.

The Vegan Bang Bang Burger

The Vegan Bang Bang Burger is the absolute best way to do burger night this summer! A juicy plant-based burger, with a pocket of seasoned melty dairy-free cheese, and a creamy, spicy & sweet bang bang sauce. We have just the right amount of sauce-to-bun ratio and this Bang Bang burger will hit all your summer BBQ cravings all at once!

Vegan Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

Whether it’s classic vegan cheese and bread or something a little different, we loved a vegan grilled cheese sandwich. Check out the new spin we put on these classic sandwiches.

Vegan Thick Cut Buffalo Chicken Grilled Cheese Sandwich

This Vegan Thick Cut Buffalo Chicken Grilled Cheese is packed with gooey melted vegan cheese, soy curls drenched in homemade buffalo sauce, and is then grilled to golden perfection! It truly does taste as good as it sounds!

Vegan Sheet Pan Grilled Cheese Pizza Sandwiches

These Vegan Sheet Pan Grilled Cheese Pizza Sandwiches are such a great recipe! Why? It’s extremely easy to make. It uses minimal ingredients. It is perfect for either a single serving OR serving many people/ your whole family. Also, it’s completely customizable. Switch up your toppings to make a different type of pizza every time!

Vegan Monte Cristo Sandwich

A monte cristo is a fried ham and cheese sandwich that uses a batter similar to French toast on the outside. This vegan monte cristo sandwich features melty vegan cheese and homemade seitan ham! Of course you could use store bought vegan deli meat instead if you want.

Vegan Red Pepper Double Stack Grilled Cheese

How can grilled cheese get any better you ask? That’s a question as old as time… or at least I’d like to believe there’s never been a time without grilled cheeses… anyway, THIS grilled cheese at least is likely not something you’ve seen before! This Vegan Red Pepper Double Stack Grilled Cheese is loaded with red pepper cashew cream sauce, vegan cheese and grilled between 3 slices of thick cut sourdough bread.

Garlic & Rosemary Grilled Cheese with Apple

Garlic & Rosemary Grilled Cheese with Apple is a complete level up from the regular grilled cheese. Sourdough bread is loaded with sautéed garlic, rosemary, apples in the pan, and gouda-style vegan cheese. The sandwich is then cooked in the same skillet with all the garlicky, rosemary infused butter. The elevated flavour is super addicting!

Pumpkin Sage Mac & Grilled Cheese

Savoury vegan pumpkin Mac & cheese smooshed in between slices of buttery sage-speckled sourdough and more cheese (duh). It’s a one pot wonder, which means it’s so speedy and easy to make. You can make it just for this sandwich, or keep this sandwich recipe in your back pocket for the next time you have some leftover Mac & cheese! To add extra sage flavour (because who doesn’t love sage) we butter the bread and then sprinkle finely chopped fresh sage on the outside so it gets crispy and fragrant. Delicious!

Tofu Sandwiches

If you’re a tofu lover, you need to try these tofu sandwich recipes! They’re packed with protein AND flavour, yet they’re still super easy to make. And if you’re not a tofu lover yet, you will be after you try these recipes!

Protein Pesto Crispy Tofu & Roasted Veggie Sandwiches

These Protein Pesto Crispy Tofu & Roasted Veggie Sandwiches are the perfect recipe for meal prep! Crispy lightly breaded pan fried tofu and roasted veggies with pesto, sandwiched between crusty grilled focaccia. This healthy plant-based protein and veggie-filled sandwich should be high on your priority list for its meal prep capabilities alone. Simply roast a pan of veggies and while they cook, quickly bread and pan fry the tofu. Then you can quickly assemble the sandwiches all week long.

Vegan Cool Ranch Smoky Tofu Panini

This Vegan Cool Ranch Smoky Tofu Panini is loaded with creamy vegan ranch mayo, caramelized onions, smoky seared tofu and a bed of fresh kale between two garlic-buttered slices of crispy flatbread! With the perfect combination of savoury and sweet, crunchy and soft, this sandwich is going to be your new quick and easy go-to vegan sandwich recipe for the summer or any time of the year!

Vegan Biscuit BLT’s with Tofu Bacon

These Vegan Biscuit BLT’s with Tofu Bacon are my new favourite way to switch up the classic BLT on toast. Homemade fluffy, buttery biscuits, layered with smoky maple tofu “bacon”, greens and tomato. I added a sweet chili mustard, but feel free to do the classic mayo as well. These biscuit sandwiches are the ultimate comfort food that are sub and easy to make, and completely addicting!

Tofu Parm Sandwiches

Tofu parm is a super easy weeknight dinner idea that you can serve a few different ways! Serve on toasted bread (like we did in this recipe), or over pasta or quinoa for a super tasty alternative.

Vegan Subs

If you’re truly looking for a hearty sandwich, this vegan subs section is for you! Whether you call it a sub, a hoagie, a grinder, or something else, a big baguette or sub roll loaded with delicious fillings is where it’s at for a satisfying vegan sandwich.

Vegan Meatball Sub with Frozen Meatballs (Subway Copycat!)

overhead picture of a cheesy Vegan meatball sub with frozen meatballs.

This Vegan Meatball Sub is stuffed with hearty meatballs, saucy marinara and gooey plant-based cheese. It’s even better than Subway’s Meatball Marinara Sub and will have everyone coming back for seconds and thirds! 

Homemade Vegan Philly Cheesesteak

Homemade vegan steak, melty vegan cheese sauce and caramelized onions, stuffed into a sub bun. Messy, and oh-so-perfect. Everyone will love this vegan Philly cheesesteak sandwich and will be begging you for your recipe!

Smoky Cauliflower Wing Sub with Corn Salsa and Ranch

This awesome vegan sub is loaded with smoky cauliflower wings that are SO GOOD, but I think my favourite part is the fresh corn salsa. It’s literally just sweet summer corn, herbs and onion, but adds so much summery flavour to this already delicious recipe. We finish it off with a cashew ranch sauce that I loooove (exhibit A, B and C) and it adds so much creaminess and good flavour!

Sweet & Sour Meatball Sub (Vegan)

I love this meatball sub with sticky sweet & sour vegan meatballs, fresh crisp veggies and a spicy vegan mayo on top! This recipe comes together in about 20 minutes, which makes it great for a quick meal.

Spicy Italian Meatball Sub (Vegan)

This meatball sub is partly traditional, with marinara sauce and (vegan) cheese, but has a spicy twist: chipotle cream sauce and jalapeños! Even though we already have a few meatball subs on this list, this one deserved its own spot.

Vegan Wraps

Arguably more portable than a sandwich, vegan wraps are great to take in a lunchbox, on a picnic, or just eat at home with some chips or salad. You’ll love these vegan wrap recipes that are loaded with flavour!

Vegan Spiced Tofu Wraps with Pesto Avocado Cream

These Vegan Spiced Tofu Wraps with Pesto Avocado Cream are the perfect packed lunch or quick weeknight dinner recipe! Pan-fried lightly spiced tofu wrapped up with red onion, kale and a delicious homemade avocado cream sauce! This super green and colourful wrap is super easy to make, healthy and most importantly, delicious!

BBQ “Honey” Mustard Chick’n & Mushroom Caesar Wraps

This recipe for BBQ “Honey” Mustard Chick’n & Mushroom Caesar Wraps is amazing! It’s so flavourful and it’s super quick. Once you have the chick’n and mushrooms made up, all you need to do is assemble the wraps by adding the greens, caesar dressing (homemade or store-bought) and a little vegan cheese. So easy!

Tempeh Chorizo Sheet Pan Breakfast Wraps

I couldn’t decide whether these breakfast wraps belonged in the breakfast sandwich section or wraps section, but you can eat them any time of day so I’m going to leave them here. These wraps are hearty and super filling. The tempeh is seasoned with chili powder, cumin and garlic to give it a spicy, smoky flavour similar to chorizo sausage. And for my on-the-go breakfast crew, the wraps are super easy to make ahead of time! Its done on a sheet pan to make your life easier, and I promise, they’re delicious!

High Protein Plant-Based Wraps

High Protein Plant-Based Wraps are not only great for packed lunches (trust me, they’ll keep you full all the way until dinner time!) but they’re an amazing post-workout meal too. These wraps are loaded with vegan pâté, pan-fried seitan roast, hummus, shredded vegan cheese, spinach, carrot, and bbq sauce!

Vegan Quesadillas

A quesadilla is a type of sandwich, right? That one might be controversial, but our vegan quesadilla recipes are too delicious not to include in this vegan sandwich recipes compilation!

Vegan Double Cheese Avocado Cream Quesadillas

Sometimes cheesy just isn’t cheesy enough! If you ask me, vegan cheese is making big strides year over year, and I thought it was FINALLY time to make this Vegan Double Cheese Avocado Cream Quesadillas recipe I’ve been dreaming of for a long time now! These Vegan Double Cheese Avocado Cream Quesadillas are so simple and loaded with two types of vegan cheese, silky smooth avocado cream sauce AND fried soy curls.

Vegan Buffalo Chick’n Quesadilla Pockets with Cashew Ranch

Spicy seitan chick’n with onions, wrapped into triangle tortilla pockets, each cut into four triangle pieces and dipped in cashew ranch. It truly is a match made in heaven! You need to ranch to offset the spiciness of the chick’n, trust me. Instead of baking it in one giant piece on the sheet pan like on our vegan sheet pan quesadillas, we are making two triangle pockets. Same amount of servings, different shape. SO GOOD!

Vegan Sheet Pan Quesadillas with Avocado Lime Cream

Speaking of sheet pan quesadillas… This recipe is so quick and easy to prepare. I love using a sheet pan for quesadillas because it keeps everything contained and there’s no flipping required! This sheet pan quesadilla is packed with cheddar, corn, bell pepper, onion and vegan beef, all into a crispy golden pocket then smothered in an avocado lime cream sauce. It truly is a weeknight wonder because you can whip it up in under 20 minutes, then the rest of the time its baking in the oven, which allows you some time to decompress after a busy day

Miscellaneous Vegan Sandwiches

Just because these vegan sandwich recipes don’t fit into any other category doesn’t mean they’re any less incredible or delicious. Check out the amazing plant-based sandwiches that are basically their own category.

Vegan McRib Sandwich

You know the name. You know the taste. But what you didn’t know is that the infamous McRib can be made VEGAN! This Vegan McRib Sandwich is made using The Very Good Butchers new vegan ribs, topped with fresh slices of white onion, homemade garlic aioli and pickles all on a fresh baked bun! It’s sticky, it’s sweet, and it is everything you ever dreamed vegan food can be!

Herbed Chickpea “Tuna” Focaccia Sandwiches

These chickpea tuna sandwiches are loaded with flavour, fresh herbs, and packed between two pieces of delicious focaccia! Make your own focaccia or use store bought, either way you’re going to love these awesome sandwiches.

Vegan Turkey Pesto Double Decker Panini

Take a café classic and level it up with cashew-basil “pesto” sauce, vegan deli meats, fresh baked sourdough bread and lots of avocado! This sandwich is a monster and tastes SO good!!

Vegan Big Mac Bombs

A cross between a sandwich and a loaded biscuit, these Vegan Big Mac Bombs have a soft biscuit base, and are loaded with all the Big Mac ingredients and sauce you know and love. Vegan beef crumble, onion, lettuce and tangy sauce make these Vegan Big Mac Bombs the ultimate easy summer snack!

Easy Vegan Chicken Pesto Panini (20 Minute Recipe)

Air fried vegan chicken cutlets and homemade vegan pesto layered on a bed of sourdough, vegan cheese and red onion make for the perfect lunch panini. This recipe is so delicious it might have you going back for seconds!

Vegan Ham & Swiss Dinner Roll Party Melt

This entirely VEGAN Ham & Swiss Dinner Roll Party Melt is going to be your next favourite recipe. I mean, who wouldn’t love to make a giant party-size sandwich? Not only is it fun to make one big sandwich, it’s also super practical for serving your family or friends. You can either slice into 3 meal-size pieces or 6 slider-style sandwiches. And, if feeding an even larger crowd, feel free to double or even triple the recipe.

Sheet Pan Open Face Tomato Basil Sandwiches & Roasted Potatoes

These Sheet Pan Open Face Tomato Basil Sandwiches & Roasted Potatoes are truly the best weeknight dinner for any night of the week! To make this tasty dinner, we roast mini potatoes and then add our open-face cheesy tomato basil sandwiches. It’s all done on one pan so the clean up is minimal! The open face sandwiches are baked with a basil-cheese mixture, topped with tomato slices and then drizzled with a garlic-basil sauce.

Sticky Sesame Tofu and Corn Pita Pockets

These Sticky Sesame Tofu and Corn Pita Pockets are perfect for back-to-school and packed lunches for work. Homemade sticky, tangy and slightly sweet sesame tofu stuffed inside a pitas with crisp lettuce and a creamy cheesy corn & basil slaw. Delicious, loaded and so, so fun. It’s the perfect weekday lunch or dinner, but even better as a packed lunch because you’ll actually look forward to it all day!

Vegan Bruschetta Pizza Baguette

Is this a pizza or an open-faced sandwich? There’s bread, but also pizza, so I’m calling it both. With only a few store-bought ingredients, and a bit of slicing and dicing; you’ll have your new favourite weekday office, work-from-home OR school lunch in no time at all! This Vegan Bruschetta Pizza Baguette is so simple to make, and will fix that pizza craving you know you have in no time! A crunchy fresh baguette loaded with pizza sauce, vegan cheese and of course, homemade bruschetta!

Oven-Roasted Veggie Sandwiches

An oven-roasted veggie sandwich with hummus, marinara and melty vegan cheese? Sign me up! This delicious sandwich is best served warm, with a side of fries!

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